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Friday, May 14th

I had the idea to do a sort of photojournalistic type entry today, but that was quickly abashed when I realized I didn't have any batteries for my digital camera. So that got axed.

Today was actually pretty uneventful. Especially compared to last Friday.

I posted last week about how I should know whether or not I got the job - well, I still don't know. The manager phoned me and said she was taking the rest of the week off because she was so sick (and she was, she could barely speak on the phone). She didn't hesitate to apologize or say three times that she really wanted to meet me, so I'm hoping that's a good sign. If not, I'm screwed and might have to go back to Edmonton. This does not please me as I do not cherish the thought of going back there at all. I am very strapped for cash though, moreso than I've ever been and this instills a whole new level of fear in me - one I didn't even know existed.

However, my second interview is now on Monday (third time's the charm!). She let me pick the time and everything. The general consensus seems to be that she must want to hire me otherwise they wouldn't wait two weeks to fill the position. Or that's what I'm hoping *knocks on wood*.

As for today in and of itself I spent it lazing around, getting stuff done (and putting off other things). Working on some projects, writing some letters, watching some TV, working on an article for a gardening site I write for and doing some yoga.

I've been doing yoga every day. While I have been doing yoga for a few months now I haven't been strict with doing it every day and I decided to change that. It's marvelous how much it improves my breathing. I have asthma that sometimes likes to be particularly bad, and since I've started yoga I haven't had to use my inhaler much at all. Not to mention it gives me energy for the rest of the day. A friend came over and we hung out a bit.

Seriously, nothing spectacular. Usually my entries are much better than this, and to compensate I had hoped to add a little friday five thing, but unfortunately I just went to the site and saw that it's been taken down. Damn.

So, next week I promise it will be an exciting and lively entry. I will go bungee jumping just for something to write about if needed.

And with that, I will leave you with a funny quotation from Futurama, the mother of all shows.

Well, thanks to the Internet, I'm now bored with sex.
- Fry

Since last Friday: My family went back to Edmonton, this made me sad, but I've been working on projects all day every day and the time has just flown by while I find out if I have a new job or not.

For next Friday: I should know whether or not I have the job. No, seriously, I really should by next Friday. I promise. Everybody wish me luck!
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