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Knit two, pearl one, knit two... stab finger and repeat

Since Last Tuesday read, worked on lmao's, and slept.

What can I say... summer time is basically a lethargic time for me. Woke up around 10:30 and tried reading Gunslinger for a bit (it's my second attempt at the bloody book by Stephen King-- the Dark Tower Series) but put it down after about a chapter. Got up and picked up my knitting again.

I was trying to do a pair of idiot mits for the alter my doll lmao... it's the second time I've ever knitted (and four needles are two too many!!!) So it basically went "knit two, pearl one, knit two, and stab, stab, stab the finger... there's a bandaid on my index finger as of now. Sigh). I then had to progress to adding a stitch... ruined it so I had to wait 'til mom got off work to fix it.

Erm... sometime around 1 I went back to bed, but prematurely. Glenn (about five mintues later) knocked on my door asking if I wanted to go down to the town center and check the mail. Got two altered books in (*yay*!) and picked up some groceries (apples, canalope, grapefruit juice, and caramels... I had the ambition of trying to make candy apples later on ;)

Melissa came over sometime around 3:30. Didn't do too much... read a bit of the Lord of the Rings (she's suppose to read it for school but has not gotten past page 40). At supper time I had a game of crib with Glenn and one with dad after that... I think I lost both, can't remember though ;) Melissa came over again so we had a game of crib with her and Glenn... he won that one... the bastard!!!

Mom came home at 8:30 and corrected my mistake with the knitting. So I went back to my room and started that again. Turned on the t.v. meanwhile and watched something that was promoed by Oprah (Colonial House). Lalala, started flicking the channels at 11 when it was over and found something that... that... why, I can not even name what it is!!! Jackass... the movie. Jaw dropping. That was over at 12, so I went to bed.

Glenn then came in and turned on the gamecube and played zelda for awhile. I knitted. Cursed a few times, but knitted.

By Next Tuesday work will have started. I am NOT looking forward to it.
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