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Saturday, May 22

Since last week, Jeff and I got a car! We got a grey Honda Civic LX (the LX means it's not particularly souped up, but it does have power windows and locks and a CD player, something that his other car did not, and well, I've neverh had a car, so it's all novel to me).

When I woke up, I decided to use as many eggs in our breakfast as possible, because according to the box, they were supposed to have been consumed by May 16 and we had almost a full box. So, I made Jeff a big omelet (not a big fan of them myself) and then proceeded to make kitchen sink muffins. Actually, they weren't that full of random ingredients, just an apple and craisins. They turned out yummy.

I started some laundry (such a wonderful luxury having the machines in the basement) and then went to the grocery store while Jeff stayed home and tried to get work done on a project he needs to finish this weekend. He has shown a documentary of his every year for the past three years at this convention in San Diego, so he figured that he would be able to turn in his footage after the deadline, but now the organizer wants a trailer and some footage by right away, and he hadn't even begun working on it yet.

I have to say I do enjoy shopping alone because then I can buy whatever I want with no grief given and I can spend as long as I want to going up and down every aisle (I might see something I forgot I needed!). I don't like taking the granny cart to the new store because for some dumb reason their shopping carts aren't equipped with those little hooks on the front for attaching the granny cart. So, one is forced to use the granny cart in the store, which is no good, because the slats are too far apart. So, when I'm checking out, I call Jeff and he starts walking toward the store to help me carry the groceries home. It's only about a 10 minute walk, but it's a huge help. (If you're wondering why we don't drive to the store, that's because it's really hard to find parking in Hoboken, so we don't move the car unless we absolutely have to.)

Jeff decided that he was ready to call it a day, so we got in our brand new car and drove an hour North to Warwick, NY, to go to the drive-in. Shrek 2 was playing, but without anything else after it, and the beauty of the drive-in is the double feature. So, we opted for Van Helsing and Dawn of the Dead, neither of which were too remarkable. There were a lot of problems with VH, actually, such as Dracula's wives coming out during the day. And since when did Dracula interact with Frankenstein? I still love the drive-in, though. Except if they are going to continue to post signs everywhere saying that they need all the support they can get, especially by concession sales, they could at least sell halfway decent concessions. The popcorn tastes like it was popped last week and the pizza roll, if it can really pass for that, is rubbery. Blech. Oh, and they forgot the syrup in our Dr Pepper.

Anyway, by next week? Hmm... think of a name for the business I'M thinking of starting.
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