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Back from PDX

Since Last Week: I've traveled to Portland and back, and started feeling more regular baby movements.

* * * * * *

Allow me a moment of self-flagellation. I'm a terrible, terrible person. It is now Saturday and I am just getting around to this. The shame, the shame. I am a One Short Week disaster.

I feel better now.

It is actually Saturday and I am just now getting my big, pregnant ass around to posting (does the mention of my being a Vesel of Life catch me any slack?).

Monday I woke up in Portland, OR, having trained down for the weekend to see my pal Howard (who is a female, and who I call by her last name, because not enough females call their friends by their last names). Staying with Howard is always like staying at some alternative slacker spa. There is a major focus on food, and we do a lot of walking around.

After we woke up, we both laid around her apartment and chatted about nothing in particular. Her cat Umberto was hanging with us. He's a huge, mellow, black kitty with a tiny, squeaky voice.

After we leveraged ourselves out of a horizontal position, I did some yoga stretches for my tight ligaments (everything starts tightening up between your groin and your belly button at about the 20th week, because your uterus is getting big and everything else has to strain to support it). Howard went to the kitchen to whip up a wonderful mango-strawberry-banana smoothie. We were toying with the idea of doing the yoga tape I brought with me, but that would involve going down to Howard's storage area and getting her VCR. We put off the decision and went outside to sit on her deck.

While sitting there, coffee and a bagel seemed like a good idea. We had a fabulous breakfast planned, but the smoothie had almost filled us up already. So Howard brewed up some fabulous Turkish blend coffee (full-caffeine!) and brought it out on a little tray, along with cream and sugar. She also toasted some bagels and brought out some cream cheese, almond butter, and jam. It felt very decadent to sit there in the sun and snack on yummy things. While Howard was doing prep work, I read Naked in Baghdad by Anne Garrels, something that has been on my to-read list for a while.

After our repast, we took a walk to the art store to buy some paper. The plan was to make cards and envelopes; I also found a paint-by-numbers set that I got as a birthday present for my Dad. Then we wandered down to a Greek deli and I bought a lamb souvlaki sandwich to eat on the train that night.

We wandered back to her house and lounged for a while, then decided to work on lunch. Howard actually decided to work on lunch. I was a lazy slob and read while I waited for her to serve me. Lunch was a spicy goulash of tofu, spinach, veggie sausage and sweet potato, with some cheese and yogurt to cool things down. I ate two helpings. This was followed by more lounging around the apartment until we decided that we needed dessert.

Another walk to the grocery store followed. Howard got some soy buddies, which are basically dairy-free ice cream sandwiches. I got a cookie and a brownie, not being able to decide on just one. We each at a buddy on the walk home.

Followed by more lounging.

Late in the afternoon I began to gather up my debris and put it in the suitcase. We left for the train station around 5:30 and Howard sent me off. On the train I ate my dinner, and my cookie, and read the rest of Naked in Baghdad, then started and finished Operating Instructions by Anne Lamott. Howard told me about the book, and I'd never heard of it. It was a woman's journal of her son's first year and it was fabulous. It alternated between her extreme joy in her son, and also the frustrations of being a single mom. There were many passages that made me snicker queitly into my hand.

At 9:45 I arrived in Seattle, where Jonny was waiting for me. It was good to see him - absence making the heart grow fonder and all that. He went to sleep as soon as we got home and stayed up to putter a bit.

And that was my Monday.

* * * * * * *

By Next Week:I will have mended my slack-ass ways and will actually post on MY DAY.
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