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Friday, May 28, 2004

So today was the last day of my first week. I have to say, I really like my job. Usually I'm pretty ambivalent towards jobs, unless they're something I could forsee me doing for the rest of my life (and so far, the only paying job I've had like that is working at the greenhouse), so I'm quite amazed that I actively like this one. In fact, today I was feeling absolutely shitty but I felt better after I got to work. Not because I love making coffee for people, but because the people I work with are all so cool. From Donna making fart sounds when you pump syrup into a cup, to Quinn constantly singing crappy pop songs and doing little dances along with them.

Today I learned how to make drinks. Well, mostly anyway. It's just remember what goes in exactly what.

I have been having a hard time lately though. I talked to my grandpa today who isn't doing well. He's been battling cancer of several types for - oh, seven years? Something like that. Then for the past three years the doctor's have been saying this is his last Christmas - and everytime he's proven them wrong. So on the one hand I've been trying to prepare myself for when "the time" would come, but on the otherhand, he's proven them wrong every year, so prove them wrong again! Has been my mindset. It's been pretty hard on me the past few days though. I can really tell it's getting down the the wire. My mom wants him to go into a hospital, but that's the last thing he wants. He'd rather die in his home.

He really is a great person though. He defies the "old" person image you get in your head. He's the smartest person I know, and he's also the sharpest. Nobody can outwit him - and I've seen people try. I've always loved sitting down and listening to his stories of WWII, the army, etc. He actually had tea with the queen before she was the queen and didn't even realize it until halfway through. He was receiving a medal for the war and was in Englad to receive it from King George VI. Believe me, it's much better when he tells it. He can hold a room's attention no problem.


It's not just because he's my grandpa, but it is because he's a great person, and he's always been there for me.

So I'm trying to prepare myself everyday. I don't know how well it's going though.

I tried the "passion tea lemonade" from Starbucks today. Oh dear GOD was it ever good. I don't even LIKE passion tea (hibiscus flowers? no thanks, too sweet for me as a warm drink!). Try it. You won't be disappointed.

I was watching one of my various shows on forensics today and there are people, moulding casts of teeth, and biting a pig with the moulds! They put the pig under general anesthesia, but jesus, doesn't that seem a little odd? In this day and age they what, can't get bite marks on something else to study? How about doing it on a person if it doesn't hurt like this woman on TV is saying?

Since last Friday: Started work. That's basically it - I've been trying to get back into the swing of things again.

By next Friday: I'm hoping to make a batch of honey and milk soap. We'll see if I actually get to it though. I have split days off - which I hate, so we'll see.
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