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sunday :: may 30

Today I managed to cross a few things off of my "to do before leaving on vacation" list, which is definitely a good thing. Am packed, for the most part, re-packaged some mail to send to Eli Roth's office in LA, have almost finished a new layout for my website that should tide it over while I don't update it for months on end... and somewhere in there managed to watch three episodes of Buffy season six with Josh.

Because I didn't do much of great interested today and yesterday was more of an event, I feel like I should sneak in some talk of Saturday here in my Sunday entry. Yesterday I turned 23. Josh took me to see The Day After Tomorrow in the morning, and I quite enjoyed it. Went out to dinner at El Torito with my family, then came back and spent the rest of the evening with Josh, watching the first episode on the Buffy DVD set as well as the Angel season finale... once I finally found the tape.

Tomorrow I must finish packing and sort out a few CDs to take on the flight. I'm leaving Tuesday at 6AM on a regional jet to Denver, then catching a 737 to Oklahoma City. My grandparents have been on a huge thunderstorm watch lately, but Tuesday's forecast is nice and clear. Then the storms come back for the rest of the week. I don't mind --- love to watch them, just don't want to fly in them!

I've sent an e-mail this evening to OSW members with the following news:
This will be my last entry. Everything's explained in the e-mail, but I felt as though I should mention it here and perhaps make a formal farewell. So thank you to everyone who's participated in and also habitually read this project. I've really enjoyed it. Take care!

since last sunday :: Spent the entire week in the bathroom, renovating. I'm proud to say, it's finally done.
by next sunday :: I'll be in Oklahoma City with my extended family, looking at Court Reporting schools, jobs and apartments.
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