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I'm naming my next cat Pyewacket.

This is late because I've spent the last hour trying to figure out the name of the cat in Bell, Book, and Candle. Pyewacket. I refused to look it up, hoping to force it out of the cavern that is my failing memory, only to give up in frustration and utilizing the Google toolbar to find it. Pyewacket. No clue why I needed to know, but now I do, so there you have it.

Let's try something different. Irritating highlights of my day are as follows:

1. We've discussed this before: don't go to the post office expecting it to be a quick trip. Always be prepared for the inevitable line and the wait. Always be prepared for the little old lady in front of you to have no clue about the box she's sending to her grandchild/son/daughter/best friend in Michigan who broke her hip and hasn't been out of the house in a while so she's sending a few dvd's, one of them a little bit "racy", and a box of her favorite candy along with a card and the half finished NY Time's Crossword she couldn't finish out of today's paper. Be prepared for it to be busy and for only two of the four registers to be manned. Don't try to buy stamps off the guy who sticks his head out a door asking if anyone is just picking up a package. Pay attention to the signs posted everywhere that say 1) Passport applications are only taken until 3:00 p.m. and 2) Please don't place your children on top of the counters. It really isn't the guy at the counter's fault when little Bobby tumbles from the counter taking someone's mail with him.

2. Your cell phone. You don't need three of them. And you certainly don't need all three to play various Bob Marley songs at a really loud tone. Is it really too much trouble to find a calling plan that works for you rather than having three overly obnoxious phones? I understood what you explained to the other woman that asked you about them, that one has unlimited daytime, one has unlimited nighttime, and one has free family member to family member calls. It isn't like you have choice in one company for service.

3. I have tattoos because I like them and they mean something to me, not for you to touch. I don't particularly like being fondled while looking for my wallet in the depths of my bag and I'm not paying attention. I understand that they're unusual and it isn't common, for some reason, for a woman to have a sleeve of tattoos (or half a sleeve anyway), but that doesn't mean you can touch. Jesus, am I ever tired of ranting about that, but I can't help it, it keeps happening.

4. Don't cut in line in front of me when I have my back turned because the person behind me tapped me on the shoulder to ask me a question. And don't, when I turn around, say to me "Oh, I was here the whole time." Certainly don't become upset when I reply "Odd, I don't remember that heavy stench of your perfume earlier." It isn't like I'm the one cutting in front of someone.

5. If you're Donald Rumsfeld, don't try to tell the country you had no clue there would ever be any kind of prisoner abuse. It's such bullshit to say that after you've spent all this time building Iraq up as the most evil of "empires" and have assigned them blame for 911 when they really didn't have much to do with it. Of course there was going to be abuse of some sort; who wouldn't abuse a person or persons they find to be evil if given the chance. Of course you should have expected it to happen. Oh, and to say that 28 hour interrogation and not depriving prisoners of light is the most anyone is allowed to do is stomach turning. Even better, don't tell the press there are worse pictures and video in your possession you aren't willing to release but you "foresee a leak in the future". Sure, there will be a leak, it'll come straight out of your office somehow, but it'll be no big deal. It was a leak and well, as you said, you can hardly prevent those.

6. On that topic, if you're the parents of the soldiers in trouble for the vile acts of torture, don't tell Newsweek your kid is a "gentle soul" and a "role model for other patriotic citizens". If sodomizing someone with an "odd instrument" is gentle soul-esque and patriotic, may you be the first in line for such treatment yourself from another patriotic citizen.

7. Blech. 5 and 6 make my head hurt, not to mention make me really, really sad about the whole state of affairs.

8. To Jeanine89076, of Ebay fame: there was really no need to come in and bid $99.99 on a set of 15 rather expensive ink pads when the highest bid was only $26.50. Wouldn't a bid of $27.00 have just done the trick? I mean, I don't care that I didn't win that particular bid for the ink pads I've been looking for and can't find anywhere else because they don't make them anymore, but that's not the issue. The issue is you've done it six times to me already. It seems kind of like overkill, doesn't it?

It wasn't like I was cranky all day. I had my chipper moments.

Since last Wednesday: I've successfully gotten rid of MCI and no have no more phone issues. Now if I could just get them to stop calling to ask me if I want to come back to them I'd be set.
Before next Wednesday: I'll be wondering why on earth I thought creating an ATC swap with one group that's already hit 50 participants and the same one in Nness of the same theme, with the same due dates, was a good idea.
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