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Saturday, May 15

Since last week, we got the car back, and are down a bucket-ful of dough for the repair of the clutch. How nice of Saturn to design its cars so that the entire transmission must be removed to fix the clutch. To play it safe, we did not drive to Boston for my friend's opening. We aren't going to take that car any further than to look at new ones from now on. We are going down to DC on Jun 18th, however, so hopefully we will have a new car then or it's Amtrak for us. I'm actually quite fond of the train, but for both of us to go to DC for the weekend, it will cost us $360.

So, anyway, when we got up on Saturday we planned to possibly take a run together, but I could feel a wonderful warm breeze coming in through the windows, so I suggested a bike ride instead. We didn't manage to get out of the apartment until 1pm and then we had to stop at the gas station a few blocks away to fill up our tires. It was actually brutally hot outside. About 90, I think.

I had bought a map of our county a few weeks ago to try to figure out good places to go bike riding. It appeared that we could head north up the Hudson river and there were bound to be paths along the water. The map isn't quite detailed enough to tell exactly where a biker could go, so we left it at home and just set off on our way. As it turns out, a lot of the fancy condos on the waterfront have a paved section between their immaculately manicured lawns and private pools, and the river. Those condos go on and on and new ones are in the process of being built. But they are interspersed with a few office parks, so we had to look around a little bit to try to find the paths. Trailblazing on bikes brought back happy memories of childhood when I felt like the only kid who had ever investigated certain remote parts of the park by the airport. In retrospect, that was probably really dangerous. Anyway! We saw a sign saying that those condos start in the high $400s. And that's probably for a studio with no view of the water. Oy.

At one point, we followed another couple on bikes who seemed to know where we they were going. We lost sight of them and we found ourselves in a ritzy strip mall that we had no idea existed. And behind that, a Target! Always good to know where there is a Target. They are popping up all around us. We had to turn back then because we had plans to meet one of Jeff's friends for dinner. It's probably just as well because almost as soon as we turned around I felt MUCH less energetic. It was really great to get out on a bike-riding expedition, though.

At 6 we met Jeff's friend Jim in SoHo. I wore my new $20 Old Navy sundress. I felt rather cute. Jeff said I looked great, too, which certainly made my day. :D We ate at Il Corallo, which is one of Jeff's fave Italian restaurants. Then we went to try to get into an art opening that Jeff found out about at one of his favorite stores, Kid Robot. He is obsessed with this art form that combines his love of toys with art and weirdness. It's called Urban Vinyl and it's basically artists taking traditional toy forms and making them ... different. There are some pretty unusual toys/art coming out of that scene, as you can see if you click on the links. In any event, there was a line snaking down the block to get into the show, so we nixed that idea. It's not like we need to be there for the opening. We don't know what any of the artists look like. All we wanted to see was the art itself, so we'll go back on another day. We went drinkin' at Swift's instead. I stuck with the beers that come in cool glasses, like Duvel and Smithwicks (which, I found out, is one and the same as "Smiddicks," which is the way it's pronounced. I thought they were different beers).

When we got home we started to watch Capricorn One on TV, but we had missed the first 20 minutes. Jeff said, "you know, I have this on VHS," so we started it over on the VCR in the bedroom. Good movie. I had never heard of it before.
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