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sunday :: may 16

I woke to throw on some laundry, eat a couple of pancakes, then finish proofing the worst deposition I've ever had to proofread in my life. It was 160 pages of nearly indecipherable wall-to-wall talk, sentences that lasted half the page, all about complex insurance nonsense in a mold case. ICK!
After that horror was over with, I jumped in the shower, then headed down to LA to visit Josh for the day. I drove down the coast blasting Christina Aguilera, scaring the people who drove by me. There was a ton of traffic but thankfully, it wasn't running slowly at all. I followed this madwoman in an Infiniti up Sunset to UCLA. She was weaving all over the place, crossing into the oncoming traffic lane... I was pleased when she finally got onto the 405.
Once at Josh's, I parked in the weird testing facility lab thing parking lot, as usual, and hoped, as usual, not to get a ticket. I've only gotten one once. Sundays seem to be pretty safe.
We went over to In 'n Out for lunch, then walked around Westwood a little. Back at his apartment, we hung out, very nice and lazy (I haven't had time to be lazy lately), watched a couple of episodes of Angel and part of Tru Calling, then went out again to visit the ATM and find something for dinner.
We ended up having a tasty salad and fettuccini alfredo, for which I cooked either not enough pasta or too much sauce. Of course, that's always better to have too much sauce than not enough sauce. One of the types of lettuce in the salad was weird, so we basically picked out the spinach and cucumber and ate that. Then we had strawberry ice-cream for dessert while watching a few episodes of Tenchi. I was already falling asleep, and so headed home at about 9:30.
I had the usual mental battle over whether or not to take the coast home, which is a much less stressful drive but takes probably twice as long as the freeway. I put on an Eddie Izzard album, and ended up just driving right onto the freeway and off I went, home in under an hour. It wasn't too bad, although ever since I had a lung infection two years ago, I've had this bizarre paranoia that I'll cough and choke and die while driving (bizarre didn't cover it, eh?) so as soon as I get on a freeway like that I'll start clearing my throat and coughing and drinking water, and last night, pretty soon I'd coughed until my throat was itchy and kept catching.
Talk about a self-fulfilling prophecy.
Anyway, once home, I hopped into bed and caught up on a few much-needed hours of sleep.

since last sunday the semester has ENDED (hallelujah!) --- I never have to step foot in a VC classroom again! Went to Ikea <3 and got a few little things, dreamt about furnishing my own apartment/house.
by next sunday just one paper left to write, and my AA will be in the mail. i'll actually have time to work on cleaning my room, painting the bathroom, finishing the february/march and april/may zines for OSW (I know you're tired of hearing that, but, well, this is the way it's gone, I'm afraid) and I'll be figuring out airfares and such to head to Oklahoma City after my birthday...
...which is just 12 days away. Yikes.
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