moymoygirl (moymoygirl) wrote in oneshortweek,


Since Last Tuesday I've gotten my call to go to work and have started (today actually)

Wow, it's been six months since this group was created. It has been a blast to meet you great people! As you guessed, this is my last entry but you can still see me around nervousness as Serenity :)

Woke up at 6:30 am (dad of course... wake up that early on my own accord?! Never!) so I could get a shower and ready for work. Not that it really matters seeing I'm working out of my house until I have this lame ass research project done. Grr... So until five I worked... erm... mostly ;) Not much I can do until after five to be truthful because that's when everyone gets off work (and I have to call them all).

After supper, Nicole dropped by picking up a cd that Glenn borrowed. We gossiped for about two hours and a half (aka chatted). Sometime during this, Melissa dropped-- seeing if I did indeed get my call. Around 9:30 they left, I went on net for a bit, read, and went directly to sleep... I was that tired.

By Next Tuesday I'll have some mail sent, working McWorkenton, and whatever else might happen.
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